Heavy Freight Transportation

Heavy Freight TransportationWhen it comes to the moving and handling of your personal belongings, it’s important to know what’s what. Here, we will list the basics when it comes to moving your belongings via heavy freight. While we, Pronto Delivery, are located in Dallas, we can transport your belongings to most places.

What Is Heavy Freight?

Heavy freight is a method of shipping required when you have items over a certain size or weight. So, when it comes to moving large or awkwardly shaped items, there’s no need to worry when you use Pronto Delivery, because we have you covered when it comes to heavy freight shipping.

What Are Common Items That Require Heavy Freight Shipping?

When it comes to items that require heavy freight, the list is almost endless. At Pronto Delivery, we have vast experience in shipping many heavy items such as musical instruments or equipment, vehicles, household furniture, large pieces of office furniture and garden equipment.

Most companies use large cars, trucks and lorries in order to ship large or heavy items, depending on what you’re shipping, however, if you want to ship your belongings internationally, we also offer an air freight service whereby your items will be flown to your desired location.

How to Arrange Heavy Freight With Pronto Delivery

If you are ready to get in touch and speak to us about your heavy freight requirements, our team of professionals will be more than happy to help. You can either fill out an online form to receive a free quote, or you can call us directly. New Customers call (866) 678-4107 while existing customers can call (866) 691-9107.

When you get in touch, we can talk you through the process, time scales and costs involved when it comes to heavy freight shipping either within the US, or internationally. Additionally, we can discuss other services you may require.