Save Shipping Costs

Save on Shipping CostsBusiness owners are familiar with trimming costs in all areas to improve the bottom line. Streamlining major expenses can make a big difference in profits. At Pronto Delivery, we understand that distribution of goods is as critical as production and can account for a large portion of the price of operation. Here are some tips to help you save on shipping costs:


Buy Packaging in Bulk


Whether you send your products in boxes or envelopes, you will need labels and inner insulation. Some businesses save the packing components from shipments they receive to re-use for their own wrapping. Buying in bulk gives you discounted rates, so it is a good idea to find a box with dimensions to accommodate several items rather than purchasing smaller numbers of different containers. Insulating materials can be purchased in bulk for all sizes. Lightweight options help reduce shipping costs.


Determine Shipping Weight


A careful determination of the shipping weight of your products will provide a better evaluation of delivery charges. Accuracy of this amount can help save on shipping costs and avoid other financial issues. Underestimation of the number can decrease profits, but excessive padding can discourage purchasers. For greater precision, weigh your items along with their shipping materials. Note the cost of the packaging and labeling used so that you can add that figure into your pricing assessments.


Outsource Your Logistics


The intricacies of product transport require specialized knowledge and equipment. With third party logistics, you are relieved of the time and expense required to handle these services yourself. Benefits of outsourcing include:


  • Reduction of training costs
  • No driver liability
  • No need for additional personnel and equipment


Our company offers other advantages as well, such as access to tracking services and supply chain management.


Save Time


It is said that time is money, and by partnering with us at Pronto Delivery, you can spend your time concentrating on running your business while we handle the logistics. Save on shipping costs today by calling us at [phone].