Cross-Docking Houston & Arlington TX

LTL Shipping & Trucking Services

LTL Shipping & Trucking Services

Cross-docking is a standard trucking practice excellent for less-than-truckload services and for retail distribution and shipping in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston. The process of cross-docking involves unloading materials from one delivery truck onto another outbound truck without the use of a warehouse. This is often used to combine materials for cost-effective LTL shipping where several different companies’ products are shipped in one vehicle. Occasionally, a staging area is used to sort materials going to different destinations, and this can also sometimes be used as short-term storage until a shipment is ready to go out.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

  • Reduce excess inventory to free up space
  • Reduce warehousing costs
  • Shorten delivery lead times
  • Enhance order fill rates

Our fulfillment management specialists are trained to help your business make deliveries quicker and more efficiently. You can rest assured that with Pronto’s excellent team of delivery drivers your shipments are in good, safe hands and will arrive at their destination on time. We believe in representing your company like it’s our own.

To reduce warehouse costs and delivery lead times today, call the cross-docking experts at 866-691-9107.