Our Delivery Fleet

Courier Service & Freight Shipping

Pronto Delivery, Courier and Logistics has grown to a fleet of over 200 vehicles. We have anything from covered cars and vans to flat beds that can carry up to 25,000 pounds. As a freight and warehousing partner with us you get full, flexible service by our delivery team and choice of delivery trucks.

Flat Bed/Box TruckPickup Trucks – Our pickup trucks are equipped to handle up to 2 pallets and 1,500 pounds. Use our pickups for deliveries that are 5 feet tall or less. We even have covered pickups available for weather sensitive materials.



Pipe Rack TrucksPipe Rack Trucks – Use our rack trucks to transport pipes, carpets, lumber and steel bars. Our rack load is 1,000 pounds, and we can handle up to 20 feet in length.



Covered Vehicle DeliveryCovered Vehicles – If your packages need to be protected from the elements, or you need simply courier service, our covered vehicles are here to serve you. We use cars, SUVs and cargo vans to get your shipment where it needs to be fast.



Pronto Delivery TruckFlat Bed/Box Truck – Our flat bed and box truck delivery vehicles offer great features as well as a 25,000 pound carrying capacity. With pallet jacks and lift gates, delivering has never been easier.



Gooseneck TrailerGooseneck Trailer – Our gooseneck trailers are perfect for transporting cars, boats and heavy machinery of up to 18,000 pounds. With a trailer up to 40 feet in length, we can transport almost anything!



53ft tractor trailer


53 Foot Tractor-Our 53 foot tractor, box trailer can transport up to 50,000 pounds. This is the only trailer wide enough to transport 4 x 4 skids.



To see all other available fleet and shipping options go to Pronto Logistics.

To learn more about our delivery fleet options, or to start using our warehousing and freight shipping services, call 866-691-9107.