Did you know there is a different type of delivery truck for specific courier and freight shipping services? In order to ensure that a shipment can be safely transported and successfully delivered, the appropriate delivery vehicle must be used. From covered vehicles to flat-bed trucks that can carry up to 25,000 pounds, Pronto Delivery has the most efficient fleet of any Dallas courier service, with a delivery truck for any shipment or delivery.

Pickup Trucks are equipped to handle up to two pallets and 1,500 pounds. A pickup truck is perfect for transporting letters, large packages, and boxes and work best for deliveries that are less than five feet tall. Covered pickups are available for weather sensitive materials.

Pipe Rack Trucks are used to carry transport pipes, carpets, lumber, and steel bars. At Pronto Delivery, our rack load is 1,000 pounds and can handle deliveries up to 20 feet in length. Heavy objects can be securely delivered when they are carried on Pronto Delivery’s high-quality racks.

Covered Vehicles should be used when packages need to be protected from the elements, as rain, snow, and wind can quickly destroy boxes, crates, and envelopes. Covered vehicles will also be used when you use our fast and efficient courier service. Cars, SUVs, and cargo vans are the most common models for covered vehicles.

Flat Bed Trucks are used for large and/or heavy shipments. Pronto Delivery’s flatbed trucks can transport up to 25,000 pounds and they include pallet jacks and lift gates, making deliveries easier than ever before.

Gooseneck Trailers are ideal for transporting up to 18,000 pounds of heavy machinery, cars, and boats. Our trailers are up to 40 feet in length, allowing us to securely transport a large variety of items for the convenience of customers.

53 Foot Tractors/Box trailers are the best solution for extremely heavy/large deliveries. Our tractor will carry up to 50,000 pounds and can transport 4X4 skids.

We have over 200 vehicles in our fleet and because of this, our delivery company can accommodate shipments of all shapes, sizes, and weights. From sensitive deliveries to equipment and heavy loads, Pronto Delivery has the professional delivery truck to ensure that your shipment is safely transported and delivered.

Contact Pronto Delivery for more information about our fleet, and to find out what kind of vehicle is right for your specific needs. To set up an account with Pronto Delivery, simply enter your company’s information and the details of your delivery—we’ll take care of the rest!