Employees are the highest cost of any business. Not only do you have to worry about salary, but also everything else that comes with benefits and insurance. The last thing a business needs is for its workers’ compensation premiums to increase because employees are getting injured at work. At Pronto Delivery in Texas, we understand that your job may require you to send things from one site to another. Here is why you should have a delivery service make that call rather than one of your employees.

Pronto Delivery in Texas

Dangers of Driving

Driving is one of the most dangerous everyday activities that people do. The more time someone spends on the road, the more likely that person will wind up in an accident. If that person happens to be working when the accident occurs, the company could be responsible for the hospital bills and repair of the vehicle. At the very least, the company will have to fill out an incident report with workers’ compensation. That report could end up causing an increase in premiums.

Lost Time and Money

While the insurance premiums can affect your bottom line for years to come, you may also find that your business loses the employee for an extended period of time. That means that the job will be done less efficiently than it had been. It can also mean a loss of customers and a backup of work as a new person gets trained. Your business loses the experience in that position and that means less money coming in. While it may be the least of your concerns if an accident happens, depending on what the package was that you needed to have delivered, you may lose out on opportunities to advance your business.

Other benefits of hiring a delivery service in Houston include having shorter delivery times. Because drivers know the roads and can anticipate traffic issues, a professional delivery person can make a delivery quicker than an employee who does the job as a secondary responsibility.