When you need to ship heavy equipment across state lines or even just throughout one state, there are a myriad of laws and regulations to follow. Pronto Delivery shipping staff are experts in the rules that govern shipping items via state highways and interstates. Whether you need to heavy haul equipment transport, flatbed delivery, long haul, or oversize trucking service, Pronto Delivery can craft a logistics plan for getting even the most challenging loads from point A to Point B. From load quoting, planning, equipment and driver requirements, our staff and drivers have the knowledge to provide trouble-free shipping services in the Lone Star State.

Here are some of the things to consider when you need to ship heavy equipment or oversize items to, from, or through the state of Texas. Like most states, Texas has established size and weight limits. These limits are designed to protect roadways that may not have been built to withstand frequent trips by heavy haul trucks or other heavy equipment.

A Texas semi-truck that is less than 8-foot, 6-inches in width and no taller than 14-feet can be operated on Texas roadways without a permit, provided it meets the following length requirements:

  • A single motor vehicle can be no longer than 45 feet
  • Tractor trailers can be of any length
  • Semis must be less than 59-feet

Any loads that exceed 200,000 pounds on less than 95-feet of axle spacing and anything that exceeds 234,300 pounds requires a permit.

Loads and vehicles that exceed legal weight and size limits require oversize or overweight permits from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Loads and vehicles that exceed the following dimensions must apply for a Route Inspection Certification:

  • Width: 20 feet
  • Height: 18-feet, 11-inches
  • Length: 125 feet
  • Weight: 200,000 pounds on less than 95-feet of axles, or 234,300 pounds.

Texas officials allow a front overhang of 25 feet, and a rear overhang of 30 feet for routine permits, but there are certain travel time requirements. For oversized hauling, the state of Texas does not allow nighttime driving for shipments in excess of 100-feet long or 1-feet wide. Travel can begin no earlier than a half hour before sunrise and must cease a half hour after sunset, but weekend hauling is allowed and some holiday travel is also allowed. The Lone Star state has some travel time curfews for high-density traffic areas. The curfews are generally centered around rush hour drive times in the mornings and evenings. When a permit is granted, it will include specific curfew rules for the routes specified.

The Lone Star State’s heavy haul shipping rules are generally more lenient than in other states, and that means additional sets of regulations to consider when shipping beyond the Texas borders. Getting challenging loads from Point A to Point B doesn’t have to be a major hassle with the assistance of an experienced logistics and delivery service. From load quoting, planning, equipment and driver requirements, Pronto Delivery staff has the knowledge to make shopping overweight or oversized loads light work.