If you company is in the process of choosing your courier service, you might be having trouble knowing where to start. Here are some tips we’ve compiled from our experts that will help you decide which courier service is right for your company.

Know Your Needs

Are you making local deliveries? Or will the bulk of your shipments be international? Whatever your company needs, whether it’s freighting services or easy online tracking, it’s crucial to make sure that your courier service can handle your company’s deli

Choose a Courier Service with Variety

You never know what’s ahead. Prepare for even your most pressing deliveries with a courier service that provides a variety of services. You’ll want your courier service to take care of each aspect of your shipment, from pickup to storage to delivery, to eliminate undue stress and logistical errors.

Look into Pricing and Discuss Discounts

Discuss pricing with your prospective courier services to ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Also, ask your courier service if they offer any discounted contracted services based on volume or loyalty.

Test out Your Courier with a Delivery

Before you guarantee a courier service your business, test out their services with a test delivery. Or, try several deliveries that test each aspects of their advertised services (freight services, warehousing, etc.). Make sure that the company’s communication, customer service, and timing were to your satisfaction.


Once you’re chosen your courier service, make sure that you’re able to freely communicate your needs with them. The more specific you are with what you expect, the more you’ll find your courier service meeting and exceeding your expectations.

About Pronto-Delivery

Pronto Delivery offers a variety of delivery and logistics management services that allow your company to conveniently ship, track, and store your shipment. We specialize in on-demand freight transportation and deliveries from anywhere in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston areas for nationwide deliveries. We provide each of our clients with online ordering and tracking services, dedicated team members with expertise and experience, and volume-based discounts that save you money with each delivery you make. We can complete same-day deliveries for parcels ranging from small envelopes to 1,500 lb. loads.
Since 1984, we’ve been able to provide our customers with the best, most reliable courier services in Texas. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, or want to get started with our team, feel free to contact us directly at (866) – 678-4107. One of our team members will answer your questions and get your started!