Cost of Delivery Service

Cost of Delivery ServiceAt Pronto Delivery, we understand the confusion that often accompanies delivering packages. It is important to estimate the cost of sending out oversized or long-distance mail, but it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. Pronto Delivery strives to make this process as easy for you as possible by breaking down professional delivery. Here, we will give some pointers on what can affect the cost of delivery service so you can deduce how best to control your prices.


The weight of an object significantly effects the delivery process – due both to individuals having to carry your parcel (which could mean extra staff being employed to transport your delivery) and to the weight limit of delivery trucks (a heavier load demands more fuel to deliver). Thus, it is fairly common for heavier deliveries to cost a little more than a standard delivery.


The farther away you need to send the package, the farther we have to travel to get it to its destination. Ultimately, this means more people working longer and vehicles travelling longer distances, consequently using more fuel. These factors often result in an increase in the cost of delivery service.

Other Things to Consider

The shape of the package often impacts the cost of delivery service. Regardless of the weight of the package or the distance it’s being delivered, an irregular shaped parcel has to be processed manually which adds to the cost of delivery. Furthermore, it is quite possible that you’ll have to pay extra to source appropriately shaped packaging to ensure your item is delivered safely.

So, we can see that it is difficult to judge the cost of delivery service simply by weight or distance. Call Pronto Delivery at 866-678-4107 to find out more about our delivery services or ask for an estimated cost of delivery service.