Glove Service

Glove ServiceThese days you can ship just about any kind of item you need to. At Pronto Delivery, we understand that some types of items need to be handled with more care than others. For these specialty items, we offer white glove service. This term may seem confusing at first glance, since the type of service differs depending on who you go through. With us, just what types of items need this service?

To Handle With Care, Go White Glove

Basically, any type of specialty item that requires expert care stands to benefit from our white glove service. This type of service means that the delivery personnel are experts in handling the sensitive or fragile materials. Our drivers and other employees are specially trained to carefully ship and transport these items to safely reach their final destinations. Items that might be transported this way include:

  • Fine art
  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • Showroom furniture
  • Antique or Persian rugs
  • Artwork
  • Climate sensitive items

Experience Where It Counts

Regular delivery is fine for items that can handle regular transport. Our employees handle all of our deliveries with care. When you have a specialty item that needs extra care, however, that’s when our white glove Arlington delivery service is the way to go. You can rest easy knowing that trained individuals are transporting your items carefully to make sure they are handled as little as possible and arrive fully intact to their destination.

White glove service is especially important when you have items to ship from point A to point B that require special care. Our delivery personnel and drivers have the training and experience to make sure your items are delivered safe and intact. For more information on our delivery services and the specialty items we are prepared to handle, contact Pronto Delivery at 866-678-4107.