You know how most run-of-the-mill shipping companies work. They haul as much freight as they can as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, the quality of the service can suffer as packages are handled roughly and without proper care. If you need a specialized courier service that can handle your packages with greater consideration, then you need a white glove delivery service that can offer you the quality you need. Pronto Delivery offers white glove delivery service to help give you peace of mind.

White Glove Delivery Service

Perhaps your business sells antiques, rare art objects, or breakable items such as fine crystal or china. Or you may sell electronics or other sensitive items that require special handling to ensure their safe arrival. An ordinary shipping service may give you sleepless nights worrying about whether the valuable—and breakable—items you just sent will arrive at their destination in one piece or as a box full of broken shards. When you rely on a white glove delivery service, you can rest easy knowing that your shipment is being given special care. White glove delivery workers treat each package as if it were their own property, so you and your customers can be certain of package delivery that is managed properly.

How It Works

When you select our white glove delivery service, we assign a two-man team to fulfill your shipment. Frequently, fragile objects are large, heavy, or both. A piece of fine antique furniture, no matter how well packed, can’t handle the stresses and buffeting of an ordinary delivery service. Our two-person teams give each shipment the proper attention it needs, reducing the chances of breakage. This pair works with greater efficiency than one delivery person alone. The delivery team can also unpack the shipped item and place it where it needs to go, an invaluable aid for anyone receiving a large or heavy item. We’ll even remove items you no longer need, so if you order a new, large-screen TV, we can take away your old television and save you the hassle of disposing it.

We Represent You

When you order white glove delivery service, you order more than just a couple of delivery people—you obtain service that represents your company in the best light. Our white glove delivery teams act in a professional manner and make deliveries promptly, leaving you with satisfied customers and an enhanced reputation for your business. Like you, we know happy customers not only come back but tell their friends about you as well, and maintaining a sterling reputation is the best way to grow your business.
Many businesses need special care for their fragile and valuable packages to ensure a safe arrival at their destination. If you need a courier service that can provide white glove delivery for your important shipments as well as impress your customers with excellent delivery efficiency, give us a call at Pronto Delivery today!